November 30, 2023

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A large amount of money was found in the safe of Father Anthony

Events around the “Ark of Peace” take on an avalanche-like shape, dragging more and more participants into the scandal. During the raid of the financial police at the house of Father Antonio and the presbyter, a large amount of cash and very interesting documents were found in the safe.

The multi-level investigation and financial checks carried out so far have identified 15 million euros. According to the Mega TV channel, this amount was found on the accounts of the NGO, and not on the personal bank accounts of Father Antonio and the elder. According to the TV channel, on Thursday 24/11, a mysterious deposit was made to one of Stamatia Giorgi’s accounts. The woman allegedly deposited 500,000 euros into the Ark’s account.

In addition, as a result of a search in the house of the presbyter in Kolonos, the tax police found a safe containing hundreds of thousands of euros. According to Mega, Stamatia Giorgi had 350,000 euros in cash in the house, which is expected to be checked for its origin.

Real estate “Ark”
The real estate of the Ark of Peace is also of particular interest, since, according to the TV channel, PNO owned expensive real estate throughout the country, in in particular:

  • Apartment 73.50 sq.m. on Sperehiados Street in Terpsiteia, Glyfada
  • Land plot of 2,171,950 m² in Karaganiya Trilofos
  • Apartment with an area of ​​70 sq.m. in Ithakis in Glyfada
  • Land plot in Demokritou in Argos
  • Land plot in Aristodimou in Argos
  • Small property of 15 and 13.5 m².
  • Residential property worth €211,644.85. The area of ​​the site on which the building was erected is 1011.11 square meters, according to the measurement.
  • A land plot with a total value of 245,000 euros and a real estate value of 180,303.91 euros.
  • Land plot in Acharne area 567 sq.m. 50.000 €
  • Land plot in Nea Philadelphia 225 sq.m., 150,000 €
  • Land plot in Argolico 2001 sq.m. donation 25.000 €
  • Apartment in Zografu 35 sq.m. 65 000 €
  • Apartment in Philadelphia 44 sq.m., 65 000 €
  • Apartment in Oropos 48 sqm, 70 000 €
  • Apartments in Argos – 13.5 sq.m. 15.000 € and 106.5 sq.m. 120 000 €
  • Apartments in Glyfada – 73.5 sq.m. 220.000 € and 70 sq.m. €230,000

As reported in Mega, the Ark asked the donor to pay a tax on the property, which will become the property of the NGO. “My aunt was going to transfer the property to an NGO anyway. It’s a big property. I can only say that it’s a big property in Athens, very valuable, she agreed to transfer it to the Peace Ark. They only made a condition that she must continue to pay tax property and let the property go into their possession, meaning as long as the woman is alive, she must continue to pay property tax and let the property be in the possession of the Ark. I don’t know who he was talking to, I don’t know, my wife doesn’t knows, and my wife would just probably have some kind of transfer point in their possession, and, logically, they would have been informed, perhaps by a notary,” he said.

The ark of peace: in the hands of the prosecution evidence of the preliminary investigation

The data of the preliminary investigation carried out by the Financial Police Directorate in relation to the Ark of Peace are at the disposal of the prosecutor’s office from today, the General Directorate of the Hellenic Police said in a statement. This is the material collected last week in the structures of the M.K.O. in Attica and the provinces, as well as data that surfaced from the bank accounts of Father Anthony, an elder and former members of the board of directors of the Ark.

Ad EL.AS..:

“Today, on Tuesday 29 November 2022, the Financial Police Directorate handed over to the Athenian Prosecutor’s Office the preliminary material collected during the investigations that were carried out at the headquarters and residential premises maintained by this NGO in Athens, Volos, Ioannina, Chios and Kalamata , as well as in one of the houses, as well as from the census for information and evaluation of data.”

They sold food and clothes from donations
Lawyer Antoine Bacri told Mega that the NGO was selling food and clothing received from donations from citizens. And all this despite the fact that the organization constantly called on people to contribute financially to its structures and was looking for donations. The lawyer said that he was informed about this through a compatriot who personally knew about the “market”, which, as it turned out, was run by the Ark, and bought things. “I did a little research on this case, it’s about the Sunday market in Kolonos. It’s an old building next to Lenormand, where they went several times, there was a supply of clothes, and we chose what we wanted,” Bakri said. According to him, his friend was available to the authorities to testify about the resale of clothing and food, which was carried out by NGOs.

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