May 30, 2023

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Video: actions of a gang of underage Albanians who "bombed" houses and cars in Attica

The video document captures the actions of two members of a gang of underage Albanians who “bombed” houses and cars throughout Attica.

The young men, who were caught by police from the Attica security unit using hacking tools, climbed through the window of the house in broad daylight. As soon as they break the glass, the two bandits immediately take cover, trying not to catch the eye of passers-by. The images were taken by a home surveillance camera on September 18.

This video footage, combined with the fingerprints left behind by the perpetrators and the evidence obtained from the removal of telephone secrecy, allowed the gang members to be apprehended last Friday. The video captures one of 51 thefts committed by the gang in just a year and a half, since April 2021.

The police arrested three young Albanians aged 16, 17 and 18, and two of their compatriot handlers were found involved in illegal activities, giving orders while in the prisons of Vlore and Chios. However, 6 members of the spiral are wanted by the authorities. Three of those arrested were also charged with violating the law on narcotic substances, as they were found to have 40.48 g of cannabis.

The criminals broke windows in parked cars, taking valuables from them. On several occasions, they removed various parts from the interior of cars. Their criminal activities included burglary and theft from homes, shops and offices.

Those arrested were brought before the prosecutor of the Athens Municipal Court, while the remaining members are under investigation.

Watch the video document:

It is worth noting that according to the laws of Greece, with a probability of 99%, young people will be free immediately after the trial or after a short time.

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