March 26, 2023

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Packaged salads do not need to be washed

The method of cleaning packaged products, as experts explained, does not pose any risk to human health, and in addition, it reduces and prevents the growth of bacteria in the package.

It is clear that rather than buying 5 heads of leafy greens, which then successfully wither in the refrigerator, it is better to buy a package of chopped leaf lettuce mix. It’s convenient, practical and cost effective. The packaged product is designed to eliminate the cutting, sorting and cleaning of vegetables. This also applies to spinach, salad (leafy) greens, mixed vegetables, chopped cabbage and carrots, and green beans.

However, there are many people who believe that all food should be washed, especially when they watch supermarket workers spray vegetables. In grocery stores, fruits and vegetables are sprayed daily to keep them fresh and presentable. Usually, plain water is sprayed onto the products to keep them moist, which in turn keeps them marketable. Many believe that the whole reason vegetables are sprayed at the grocery store is to make them attractive to buy, not for health reasons.

Interestingly, since products are often priced by weight, water is absorbed by fruits and vegetables, they become heavier, and stores, of course, make more money from this. Although buying greens in a head or in a package is, of course, up to you personally.

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