June 6, 2023

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Christmas tree, burn: how much will electric garlands cost

There are many who this year will think twice and thrice before decorating the house, balconies and verandas with festive illuminations, as was usually practiced in the past.

When energy bills are skyrocketing, consumption plays an important role, even when it comes to decorating your home seasonally… for Christmas. The solution for this year is undoubtedly LED string lights, as the classic ones we have been using for years now cost a pretty penny as they consume a lot of electricity and will definitely be banned due to the energy crisis.

Just imagine that 100 LED lamps consume about 7 watts, while the old ones – 60 watts. For a Christmas tree that needs, for example, 400 light bulbs, with the old ones, the consumption was 400 watts, and with LEDs, only 30! And to understand a little better what this means, let’s give an illustrative example. For an old garland shimmering with lights on the tree all the days of the New Year holidays, you will have to pay an “inflated bill” for the light up to … 100 euros per month. To decorate your home during the holidays (with peace of mind):

  • Choose certified luminaires – both to save consumption and for your safety.
  • Choose LED lamps (light bulbs, garlands).
  • One or two rows of “bright lights” will not affect your score.
  • Unplug the extension cord (flashlights) from the outlet when you leave the house.
  • Do not use lighting fixtures (garlands) with frayed wires.

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