November 30, 2023

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Authorities are searching the property of Father Anthony and other defendants "the ark of the world"

The circle of persons testifying in the prosecutor’s office for juvenile cases against Father Anthony and four other persons involved in the case of the orphanage “Kovcheg Mir” is growing.

So far, eight former employees have testified to two juvenile prosecutors who are investigating allegations of cruelty and sexual abuse of underage children living in Ark shelters. Meanwhile, during a police raid on Fr. Anthony’s house, in the presence of a representative of the prosecutor’s office, among other things, computers, laptops, etc. were confiscated.

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“I have never touched children,” Father Anthony says. At the same time, he made new statements through a person from his entourage. In particular, according to OPENFather Anthony denies all the accusations, emphasizing that he never touched the children: “I deny all the accusations. I have never touched the children.”

Searches in the house of Father Anthony – the object of the check was a two-level apartment in Rafina. They began at 13:00 on November 28 in the house where Father Anthony and the presbyter lived, located above the Colonus building. The next in line is expected to be a penthouse in Rafina, which appears in the charter of the Ark as the couple’s residence, and the name of the presbyter appears on the bell.

The searches are carried out at the order of the prosecutor as part of the control exercised by the Financial Police Department against certain individuals who have been behind the department for monitoring the activities of NGOs in recent years for possible illicit enrichment and suspicious inflows / outflows of funds, focusing on members of the board of directors who , apparently, belong to a “closed” circle of people and are characterized as close contacts of the head of the “Ark”.

Meanwhile, earlier all the accounts of Father Anthony and the presbyter were frozen in Greek banks by order of the head of the Office for Combating Black Money Laundering. The personal accounts of Father Anthony’s parents in Greece were also frozen to prevent any new movements on them. In addition, the safes were sealed and the shares held by them were frozen.

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