Payment of benefits, including emergency, in December

December 20 will be the day when the beneficiaries GUARDIANSHIP a one-time allowance of 250 euros, double the minimum guaranteed income, one and a half child benefits and other financial assistance from the state will be paid.

Double payment of Child Benefit and Minimum Guaranteed Income (EEE-KEA) from OPECA will be made on the same day.

Wednesday 30 November 2022, monthly allowances will be paid to citizens who receive them, as is done in the usual way. Tuesday 20 December an additional extraordinary payment for 2022 (200-250 euros) will be paid, as well as an allowance for December. That is, instead of paying on December 30, it will be issued on December 20.

Regarding the provision of emergency financial assistance to approximately 174,000 recipients of disability (disabled) benefits, OPECA reports that, according to preliminary information, the amount of social benefits will be increased to 250 euros in December.

It is also expected that in addition to the monthly pension for uninsured older people and the social solidarity allowance (for them), an additional 250 euros (approximately 36,000 recipients) will be paid. It is clarified that if a low-income EFKA pensioner is also a recipient of a disability allowance or other OPECA benefit, then he will only receive a low-income pensioner’s allowance.

To support the beneficiaries of the minimum guaranteed income (EEE-KEA), that is, households living in extreme poverty, will be provided in Decemberdouble payout for approximately 225,000 citizens. One-time material assistance for December to families receiving child benefit is accrued in the amount of one and a half monthly payments.

The amount of the benefit is 105 or 63 or 42 euros for each first and second child, depending on the income, and 210 or 126 or 84 euros for the third and each subsequent child. The corresponding Special Contribution will be paid to other new recipients of the 2022 benefit once their application has been approved.

In particular, on December 20, beneficiaries of benefits will see on their accounts:

  • Housing allowance (Επίδομα Στέγασης): beneficiaries 272,606.
  • Minimum guaranteed income (EEE-KEA): beneficiaries 225,699.
  • Disability allowance: 174,135 recipients.
  • Housing allowance (Στεγαστική Συνδρομή): 802 beneficiaries.
  • Expatriate allowance (Επίδομα Ομογενών): 6021 beneficiaries.
  • Pension for uninsured old people (law 1296/1982): beneficiaries 17,170
  • Social security benefit for the elderly (Επίδομα Κοινωνικής Αλληλ. Υπερηλίκων): beneficiaries 17,965
  • One-time maternity (childbirth) allowance: beneficiaries 11,800.
  • Residents of areas of the country with harsh natural conditions (0ρεινών Μειονεκτικών περιοχών): beneficiaries 4,943
  • Entrepreneurial allowance (Επίδομα Αναδοχής): beneficiaries 468.

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