Festive “family basket” from December 15

The promotion in supermarkets called “Holiday Basket” will last for about two to three weeks and will contain products such as meat and sweets, while the possibility of adding soft drinks to it is being considered.

From about December 15, it will be available, it will include products that are most bought for the Christmas holidays, Adonis Georgiadis said. The Minister of Development and Investment noted that the “celebration basket” would last approximately two to three weeks and would consist of foods such as meat (possibly sausages) and sweets, with the possibility of adding non-alcoholic drinks (soda, juices) to it ).

A. Georgiadis argues that the “family basket” introduces price restraint on goods that are not included in it. According to the minister, most consumers make purchases from the “basket”, and for this reason, branded commodity industries are forced not to raise prices, but to reduce them by 5-10%. He once again urged consumers to shop from the “family basket” to further influence price containment.

The need of consumers to find the cheapest products is evidenced by the fact that more and more people visit the e-katanalotis digital platform, where the prices of products in the basket from all supermarket chains are displayed in real time. Approximately 350,000 consumers visit the site every day to compare product prices and decide which store they will shop at.

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