Rubicon anarchists smashed the office of the bailiff who evicted I. Kolova (video)

The Rubicon group broke into the office of the bailiff responsible for the eviction of Ioanna Kolova. The anarchists broke open the office doors, smashed the premises, furniture and computers.

They released a video and a statement explaining what happened:

According to the organization’s statement:

“The bailiff Pavlos Kalkitanidis is responsible, as an executor, for the eviction of Ioanna Kolova from her house. The banking mafia gives the order, and the state mafia executes it.

To the unconvincing argument that a person is simply doing a job for which he is paid, we reply that a shameful occupation is not a job. Participating in an eviction is not a job. To the argument that he was fulfilling his duties, we reply that it is not his “duties” to break down the front door of the house and humiliate I. Kolova, preventing her from taking her things or even going to the toilet.

And lest we forget, SYRIZA and PASOK need to stop politicking with their supposedly social sensibilities because we didn’t suddenly lose our memory. These two parties, together with the New Democracy, which today is clearly sweeping away everything in its path, are directly responsible for the attack on the social base, for the attack on good housing and evictions, as worthy servants of memorandums, as soldiers EU and bankers.

However, among our tasks is to return, even if only symbolically, the violence that people of our class were subjected to.


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