Operation against anarchists in Athens: 53 detained, 6 policemen injured

On Alexandras Avenue in the center of Athens, a large-scale police operation against anarchists continues, during which at least 53 arrests were made by the police, and six policemen were injured.

The operation began early on Tuesday morning when SWAT police arrived at the dilapidated houses, which are called “Προσφυγικά”. These are refugee houses located on Alexandras Avenue, where the police arrested a 27-year-old suspect in arson of the offices of the radio station Realfm and the newspaper Realnews.

After that, the anarchists, who were in the room, barricaded the entrance to the building and, having settled on the roof, began to throw stones, firecrackers and various garbage at the police. Tensions continued into the afternoon, when 53 arrests were reported by police. At the same time, 6 police officers were injured during a large-scale operation.

Watch the video of the police operation in the Alexandras Street refugee camp:

Around 100 people are outside the ΓΑΔΑ (Attica Police Headquarters) building to protest the arrests, according to local media reports.

More details in the application EL.AS.:

“Today, since early morning (Tuesday 22 November 2022), a large-scale police operation has been carried out in the area of ​​Alexandras Ave. by the State Security Unit of the Attica Police Directorate. The forces of the Directorate for Combating Special Crimes of Violence and the Special Suppressive Anti-Terrorist Unit (Ε.Κ. Α.M.), as well as the Crime Prevention and Suppression Team (Ο.Π.Κ.Ε.) of the Attica Security Directorate and the Sub-Directorate of Order Restoration of the Attica Police Operations Directorate.

The operation was carried out with the aim of arresting a person involved in cases of arson. After his arrest, groups of people gathered at the scene, climbed onto the roof and began to throw objects (stones, building materials, etc.) at the police, thereby preventing the seizure and transportation of the arrested person’s car. Dozens of arrests have been made at the scene so far. Further information will be provided later.”

Photos of the operation from the scene.

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