Instead of anti-theft "clips" – Free milk. Humanity Lesson

While multinational corporations (with the consent of the Greek government) put anti-theft clips on baby food/milk, the grocer gives it away for free.

The co-owner of a minimarket from Chrysupoli Kavala impressed the country’s public with his act, thus proving that solidarity and selflessness still exist! Tassos Vilanos announced in a Facebook post that he had taken the initiative donate baby food and milk to those who really need it.

“I saw the news that a supermarket chain put an anti-theft system on BABY FOOD. Apparently the mother, the father is not able to feed their kids. I am deeply outraged and saddened by this situation. Trying to understand the actions of these parents, since I myself went through a period when I was deprived of basic necessities,” the young entrepreneur wrote and added: “Therefore, I am taking the initiative to donate baby food and milk to everyone who really needs them. The product is in stock in my store and anyone who wants to come and get it is free to do so without any obligation and also take anything else. (…) I also decide today and at least until the end of the year, that any of my compatriot who needs a loaf of bread for himself or his family (in complete confidentiality) can contact the store management, and we will give it to him. Health to all … “

Grocer taught lesson in humanity thereby “dishonored” the large supermarket chains, which are “terribly afraid of becoming poorer.”

“I had to act when I saw such “news” … I can’t imagine what the condition is and what a mother should do when she realizes that she cannot feed her child! What have we lived to…”, – said Thassos Vilanos on the TV program.

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