Swedish prosecutor’s office: damage "Nord Stream" and "Nord Stream – 2" – result of sabotage

As a result of the investigation, the Swedish prosecutor’s office today stated that the explosions on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines are a sabotage. Prosecutor Matsa Jungqvist says:

“During the crime scene inspection, which was carried out in the Baltic Sea, a large amount of evidence was collected, everything was carefully documented. The examinations carried out to date show traces of explosives on several foreign objects found. Preliminary analytical work is ongoing to make more substantiated conclusions about the incident.

The Swedish prosecutor’s office noted, writes Reuters, that the preliminary investigation is complex and comprehensive. It is designed to prove “whether it is possible to present suspicions of committing a crime to someone.” At present, the investigating prosecutor is not available to the media and cannot provide more information. Jungkvist highly appreciated the cooperation of the Swedish authorities with other countries. He did not provide further details. The text of the prosecutor’s statement here.

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