Foreign specialists are wealth

Foreign specialists are wealth

The lack of qualified personnel is a problem that already affects all companies in Germany and will be even more important in the future.


Right now, our country lacks 1.7 million qualified employees. Retire every year in Germany 500,000 specialists. At the same time, only about 100,000 freshly trained graduates come to replace them.

Since the birth rate in Germany will not increase, intensive immigration of foreign skilled workers is urgently required. It is important for company directors to understand this fact, since it will become more and more difficult to staff exclusively with Germans every year.

There are a number of problems for foreign professionals: the language barrier and feelings of instability and job insecurity are often the main obstacles to moving to our country. Website hhscout offers a solution to the problems of both German employers and specialists from other countries.


Labor migration is the key to solving the problem of shortage of specialists

In most job descriptions, job seekers must be fluent in Germanalthough many job responsibilities are actually do not require constant communication. Hiring foreign specialists without knowledge of the German language and training them directly at the workplace can solve this problem.

To help firms find qualified employees, a website has been created hhscout. Open vacancies on this job exchange published and translated into 29 languages. In addition to German, also in English, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish and other languages, among others. All management and the personal account of the employer and employee are also translated into 29 languages, which makes it easier for foreigners to work with the site.

Benefits of cooperation with hhscout

Posting a job on popular sites with job advertisements costs from 850 to 1900 euros per month, including VAT (the cost of publication depends on the profession). Job posting on hhscout will cost you only 29 euros per month, including VAT, regardless of profession and position. This is on average 30-65 times cheaper than collaborating with other job search and employee sites. You also need to take into account that the search for an employee usually takes about 10 months, so publishing a job on popular sites in only one language will cost from 8,500 to 19,000 euros without any actual guarantees of finding an employee. If the publication is, for example, in the seven most popular languages ​​​​- German, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, then safely multiply the amount of expenses by seven times and the search for an employee for 10 months will cost 59.500-133.000 euros, the benefit of using the site hhscout that the price of finding an employee for 10 months will remain unchanged, all 29 transfers are made in parallel at the price of 29 euros per month, for a total of 10 months the price is 29 * 10 or 290 euros. When posting a vacancy on the site hhscout each applicant can read the job description in their native mother language, which increases the interest of applicants in the ad thousands of times.


The hhscout website is a meeting place for employers and professionals

The service is a single platform for posting and searching for vacancies. It is convenient and beneficial for both employers and job seekers. Advertising publication on different sites and social networks costs money, time and effort. On the hhscout everything is collected in one place, it is enough to post a vacancy once. Search engines Google, Yandex, Bing also find vacancies from this site and show users in their native languages.

Applicants can use a convenient filter system and select vacancies by their city or profession, salary level, skills. Employees can also fill out their CV directly on the site. Employers will see their resumes and will be able to invite them to an interview directly.

In addition, job seekers do not have to check new ads every day in a large number of groups on social networks or on various sites, since everything is collected on the service in one place.

The site also operates subscription for updates and new vacanciesJob Seekers receive emails when a new vacancy appears for their search parameters.


How hhscout helps employers

The site is ideal for job offers, where, first of all, a high level of professional knowledge is important, and German proficiency plays a secondary roleor where knowledge of a foreign language other than German plays an important role. For example, truck drivers, bakers, bakers, plumbers, programmers, care nurses in hospitals, homes for the disabled and pensioners, tour guides, employees of hotels, shops, cafes and restaurants where foreign visitors.

Recruitment of foreign specialists for such vacancies is the fastest and most convenient solution to the problem of shortage of qualified personnel. It is the opportunity to learn the language while working in the country for many of them that can be a decisive factor when making a decision to move to Germany.

Jobs on the site hhscout – win-win solution

Platform hhscout helps employers win the fight for new qualified employees for his company and at the same time successfully combats the labor shortage in Germany. We provide assistance to foreign specialists in finding open vacancies in Germany with decent working conditions and high salaries.

Unlike social networks, we check employers so that job seekers feel confident and secure, have guarantees. Currently, the site has more than 7,700 vacancies from major German firms, including banks, Internet companies and telecommunications companies.


Important! For job seekers, searching for vacancies on the site is completely free.

Technologies used in the site hhscoutyou can also use in your own company’s marketing to create personalized offers to customers to address recipients in their native language.

Finding employees for the enterprise and vacancies for those who need work with decent working conditions and wages is certainly not an easy task. Together with the site hhscout you can solve it quickly and efficiently!

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