Smart home voucher

A program to subsidize (by issuing a voucher) the installation of smart electricity meters and connection to fiber optic networks, followed by a certificate, has been approved by the Ministry of Digital Governance, according to an amendment submitted to Parliament.

The Smart Readiness project (“Ετοιμότητα Υποδομών για Εξυπνα Κτίρια”) with a budget of 100 million euros, funded by the Recovery and Stability Fund, will start at the beginning of January 2023 and aims to address the lack of necessary infrastructure in buildings. At the same time, citizens “with their own eyes” will be able to observe in real time the consumption of electricity, natural gas, water, etc. by the premises. (Watch how money flows down the drain – approx. author). The buildings will also have access to ultra-high-speed broadband internet.

The project finances works on:

  • installation of fiber optic networks inside the building,
  • replacement of individual TV broadcasting systems,
  • installation of infrastructure for future interconnection of utility meters (electricity, natural gas, etc.).

Financial assistance will be provided through the provision of checks (vouchers), which will be issued not for beneficiaries-citizens, but for buildings. Eligibility for the program will be presented to property managers (or owners in the case of detached houses) or owners’ representatives (in the case of apartment buildings). However, it is emphasized that in the case of multi-apartment buildings, stakeholders should be aware that only one apartment will not be able to participate in the program. At the same time, the legislation provides for the creation of a register of installers, from which the beneficiaries will be able to select a specialist who will undertake the performance of the relevant work.

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