No List 2023: places where tourists are not welcome

To save the environment, travel and tourism information publisher Fodor’s Travel has published a list of places on the planet where it is better not to travel.

The No List 2023 ranking includes territories that suffer from negative human activities and drought, says Gizmodo – a site dedicated to science, design, technology and science fiction.

AT Antarctica Many endangered species of the animal world live at the South Pole – penguins, whales, sea birds. The large volume of emissions associated with tourism leads to a decrease in their living conditions and gradual extinction.

Maui in Hawaii suffers from overcrowding, lack of water and drought. All these factors negatively affect the ecosystems of the islands. In addition, tourists, as a rule, invade the reserves, unceremoniously violating the measured life of wildlife.

Do not wait for tourists and Arizona, the driest state in the US. Recently, local residents have been suffering immensely from the “mega-drought”, which has greatly complicated their lives.

For reasons related to dry weather, tourists are asked not to go to the rivers. Danube and Rhine. “Invasion” of cruise ships make these regions even more vulnerable to drought.

They also ask not to attend … Italian Venice. They do not complain about the lack of water, but the problem exists in something else – garbage and flooded canals, while its solution directly depends on the number of tourists.

Due to the abundance of divers on the island of Koh Tao endangered tortoise species and protected corals are suffering in Thailand, and in the US Lake Tahoe water quality has deteriorated due to vehicle emissions. Malaga in Spain is experiencing the most massive drought in the last 1000 years, which is also not conducive to receiving tourists.

Around the world, the tourism industry is booming again after the pandemic, but not all places are benefiting from this boom. When a lot of extra people show up in a place that is experiencing difficulties, the benefits of this tourism will be outweighed by how much harder life becomes for local residents and for the surrounding ecosystems. Overtourism and concern for the environment has made some places a bad idea to visit, argues Fodor’s Travel in his “No List” of 2023.

There are many immeasurable manifestations of overtourism: strain on locals, destruction of wildlife habitat, overcrowding. As climate change occurs, the damage can make some places inhospitable to travelers and cause their economies to plummet.

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