Inflation: anti-theft clips on… baby food

Some time ago, the Greeks sincerely resented the fact that in Turkey, where rapid inflation, combined with the devaluation of the lira, forced citizens to steal that anti-theft systems were installed on baby food.

Today we see it in our country. A large supermarket chain has put anti-theft clips on baby milk, ranking it among the expensive products on store shelves. The picture presented by the TV channel open, exposes the realities of life, showing the financial insolvency of the country’s inhabitants. The problem that many families face is to feed their children.

According to the same source, the police received many calls about the theft of products from supermarkets, mostly more expensive goods (alcohol, razors, etc.). However, the store’s actions to install an anti-theft system on baby milk shows the depth of the problem (read: the complete impoverishment of the masses).

‘I’m shocked by what I’m seeing,’ says law enforcement trade unionist ΕΛΑΣ Stavros Balaskas. He explained that “calls to ΕΛΑΣ used to come only about thefts, mostly whiskey or small electrical appliances. But for someone, stealing baby milk means that he has nothing to feed his child. So a police officer, if something like this happens, will find himself in a difficult position … What do you order him to do when he sees that a citizen has nothing to feed his child ?!

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