Black Friday-2022: impressive discounts

Despite its name, it is now known that Black Friday lasts for more than one day: sales and promotions have already begun, and consumers should be very careful and attentive when buying goods.

Black Friday-2022 is scheduled for November 25, but sales in stores have begun. Nearly ten days before the official start date of the Super Sale, impressive deals have been launched and purchases can be made from next week. “From November 25 to November 28, we will have great offers in commercial and online stores,” said Nikos Koyumtzis, vice president of the Athens Trade Association (ESA). The Black Friday custom is foreign, but Greek consumers have also “loved it,” he said. Speaking on the ERT channel, the ESA Vice President, among other things, emphasized the following:

  1. We encourage consumers to do market research, search carefully for what they need, and compare prices even in smaller stores.
  2. In small shops (no matter how paradoxical it may sound), the consumer can find what he needs, cheaper.
  3. We encourage consumers to only buy what they need and not fall for promotions.
  4. Usually the biggest discounts are on microelectronics.

Shops will also be open on Sunday 27 November.

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