Thriller with the threat of N. Dendias to retire

Nikos Dendias, either really offended by Kiryakos Mitsotakis for organizing a wiretapping, or started his own game, the final of which is the chair of the prime minister …

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, has been in a state of resignation or “resignation-bluff” for the past few hours, having informed Megaro-Maxim about his intentions, in connection with confirmed (he had reliable and official information) surveillance of him using software providing Predator for a year.

At a meeting held today at the Foreign Office with close associates, Dendias discussed the possibility of resigning, which would mean immediate elections, as he would formally acknowledge that he was being followed.

The Prime Minister’s administrations have been informed of this and asked to take a stand immediately, as this will be followed by Mitsotakis’s announcement to call snap elections immediately before Christmas.

In the end, according to reliable sources, Dendias changed his mind and agreed not resign, but… on certain conditions:

  • Elections will be held in June
  • If the ND wins the election, but fails to form a government due to a lack of votes, proposes itself as… prime minister of a bipartisan cabinet. He claims that A. Tsipras would “accept him” as prime minister!
  • Mitsotakis will remain President of the New Democracy!

In fact, if cross-references are to be believed, one source claims that he turned down an offer… for an immediate premiership with K. Mitsotakis “not busy preparing for the June elections” as party chairman!

It is not known what Mitsotakis replied to him, but in any case, Dendias agreed not to resign. Subsequently, he posted tweets about hydrocarbon exploration and an interview with “Eleftheros Typos tis Kyriaki”:

Thanks to a number of steps over the past 3 years and the systematic expansion of alliances and partnerships in all geographic regions of the planet, we can confidently face any challenges in the coming years (From Sunday’s Free Press interview)

To provoke a reaction from users, as he said that “there will be no exploration of the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea from Greece, because we are not Saudi Arabia”!

Satirical videos are already appearing on this topic …

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