“Family Basket”: discounts up to 10% for 100 items, new lists are being prepared

Supermarkets are continuing their “price containment” course ten days after the introduction of a measure known as the “housewife’s basket”.

Of the 664 identical items that were in the “household basket” last week, 541 items remained the same price, while this week 101 items fell in price, and only two rose in price, Minister Adonis Georgiadis said.

Also, 150 products differ from those displayed on the supermarket shelves the previous week. The total cost of the “home basket” in large retail chains, compared with the previous week, will be lower.

According to Giannis Doxaras, founder and CEO of Warply (which runs e-katanalotis.gr), it has been a week since the launch of the shopping cart on Wednesday 9th November and the issues identified at launch are “not that big” .

They mainly concern the accuracy of data provided by supermarket chains (a result of the short timeframe for implementing the measure), product labeling and shelf availability. All of the above problems are being solved by concerted efforts and willingness to cooperate both with the management of supermarkets and the relevant ministry.

Doxaras: Supermarket chains constantly adjust listings to lower prices

“The first comparative results show that the measure appears to be moving in the right direction, with prices remain stable or even fall. Supermarket chains have done an excellent job,” notes Mr. Doxaras and explains that last week 3/4 of the products remained the same or even cheaper. Supermarket chains are constantly adjusting their product listings in an attempt to keep prices stable or even lower than their original prices. “This means that we were able to keep the prices of goods in the basket stable for a full two weeks,” he notes.

e-katanalotis.gr: 10% price reduction compared to the first batch of goods

According to e-katanalotis.gr, there is a noticeable decrease of 10% in private label (PL) products in relation to branded products in the “basket”. The percentage changes daily, more brands are added to the “basket” all the time.

According to Warply, the cheapest average basket costs just under 100 euros, while the most expensive is 155 euros. Thus, there is a difference close to 55 euros, which gives the consumer the opportunity to choose between products of different quality.

Parliament: Appropriate labeling and product availability

The Parliament voted for an amendment to address the problems identified during the implementation of the “family basket” measure (“καλάθι του νοικοκυριού”).

A specific size of color (bright) product labeling is provided. In addition, supermarket chains must have a sufficient number of products included in the “basket” declared this week so that there is no shortage and replacement of products with other, more expensive ones.

At the same time, the authorities thought about including in the “household basket” products targeted at specific groups of the population with special nutritional needs. One such group, perhaps the most numerous, is diabetics, who ask to put in the basket products designed exclusively for their needs. It is also planned to expand the measure to other sectors (bakery, butchers, etc.) to meet the basic needs of citizens.

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