Eurostat: the number of Ukrainian refugees in the EU has decreased

Eurostat notes a decrease in the number of Ukrainian citizens seeking protection from the ongoing war in their country in the countries of the European Union.

In September, a decrease in the number of refugees from Ukraine was recorded in Germany, Poland and France, judging by the data provided by the European statistical office “Eurostat” for September:

  • Poland received 13,735 fewer Ukrainian refugees than the previous month;
  • temporary protection in France decreased by 10,160;
  • in Germany, refugees from Ukraine became 2830 less than in August.

During the same period, in September, however, an increase in the number of Ukrainian refugees in Denmark, Ireland and Cyprus was recorded. Eurostat also shows the ratio of the number of Ukrainian citizens who received temporary protection to the population of the country. The highest rate was in Estonia (1.8 per 1000 inhabitants), Poland (1.4 per 1000 inhabitants), Lithuania, Latvia and Ireland (1.0 per 1000 inhabitants).

Poland (1.4 million), Germany (813,725), Spain (145,825) and Bulgaria (134,790) are the leaders among the European countries that have accepted the most Ukrainian refugees since the first day of the war. BB.LV.

Previously, our publication cited Eurostat data for July when there was also a decrease in the number of Ukrainian refugees in some European countries. Data from the European Bureau of Statistics then recorded that citizens of Ukraine fleeing the war are less likely to ask for temporary protection in Europe. Italy fell the most in July, with 12,170 fewer people applying for refugee status than in June. The same decrease was demonstrated by: Spain (4190), Denmark (3330), Romania (2965), Hungary (2855), Poland (2835).

program temporary protection of Ukrainianswho left the country due to hostilities and moved to EUwill be extended until at least March 2024. This was stated by the European Commissioner for Internal Affairs Ylva Johansson. According to her, those Ukrainians who decide to leave the EU and go to their country will retain their rights in Europe if they decide to return again. The status of temporary protection gives Ukrainians the right to live in the European Union, get a job there and receive medical insurance.

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