Unemployed OAED-DYPA will receive an emergency allowance of 250 euros

According to the information, about 100,000 long-term unemployed ΟΑΕΔ-ΔΥΠΑ will receive 250 euros, financial assistance that the state will provide to vulnerable segments of the population by Christmas. Payments will be made until December 15th.

The decision on the payment of a one-time allowance will be made by the board of directors of ΟΑΕΔ-ΔΥΠΑ. Individuals who have been unemployed for 12 to 24 months are eligible for financial support. They must also meet the following conditions:

  • not be recipients of the minimum guaranteed income,
  • have an annual individual taxable income of up to 9600 euros,
  • have an annual taxable family income of up to 16,800 euros.

The long-term unemployed who do not receive subsidies will receive a one-time financial assistance of 250 euros. Persons registered with the State Employment Service (ΔΥΠΑ) are entitled to the benefitwhich:

  • became long-term unemployed (i.e. exceeded 12 months of continuous unemployment),
  • remain registered unemployed (they are in the register ΟΑΕΔ-ΔΥΠΑ),
  • do not receive long-term unemployment benefits.

For all other groups of the population that fall under the criteria for receiving benefits, payments are promised to be made in On the 20th of December (except for pensioners).

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