Family basket: fifty euros is not enough even for the bare necessities

Consumers, who count every penny and have a very limited weekly budget, are forced to choose products in supermarkets at the lowest price and have now turned their attention to the “family basket”.

Combined with rising prices for electricity, water, oil and the constant repricing of essentials, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay afloat. Many, having familiarized themselves with the proposals of the “family basket”, say that they are disappointed. For example, for an adult who lives alone and has 50 euros for purchases, the list is limited to a minimum of products, which does not include even the most necessary ones.

Detailed list:

  • Loaf of bread 1.29 euros,
  • bread packaging for toast bread 1.68 euros,
  • two packs of milk 1.12 euros (x2),
  • two packages of spaghetti 0.62 euros (x2),
  • rice bonet 0.76 euros,
  • gouda cheese, sliced ​​350 g 3.12 euros,
  • boiled sausage, cut in a package 1.55 euros,
  • feta pop 400 g 4.08 euros,
  • eggs 1.76 (6 pcs),
  • olive oil 1 liter 5.55 euros,
  • kitchen paper towel (roll) 2.65 euros,
  • toilet paper (small package) 2.78 euros.

Pork neck is sold at a price of 5.95 euros/kg, chicken 3.75 euros/kg, frozen cod 5.90 euros (package), lentils 1.15 euros, yogurt (3 pcs) 1.75 euros, hand sanitizer 1 euro, peas 1.86 euros. The final amount for specific products reaches 50.06 euros, while it is noteworthy that there is only one piece of each product, except for the packaged ones.

As it turned out, such goods and products as: vegetables, fruits, coffee, sugar, detergents, cleaning products and hygiene items (napkins, toothpaste, razors, deodorants, cotton pads, shampoos), as well as much more ( other varieties of meat, fish and frozen foods).

Also, if we are talking about consumers who have families, then the cost of the supermarket increases dramatically because diapers, baby milk and yoghurts, creams, and the amount of food he will have to buy are not calculated.

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