Three-day holidays and weekends in 2023

2022 is slowly coming to an end, and the attention of many is already riveted to the calendars to find out what will please us next year, how many three-day days off it will have.

Mark dates in your diary when you can “escape the city” or visit family, or simply enjoy an extra day off.

2022 was very generous with three days, “giving” the inhabitants of Greece as many as five “long weekends”. It was probably a gift for the fact that we spent almost two years at home because of the pandemic, and now we were able to travel freely, without restrictions. However, in 2023, there are only three three-day days, and therefore there are fewer opportunities for short trips. Of course, holidays do not apply to everyone, as some work, while others, even if the holiday falls on Friday or Monday, work on Saturday and goodbye, three-day weekend …

So. In total, not counting Easter and Christmas, 2023 gives 3 much-desired “long” weekends that coincide with the holidays. And the day of the Holy Spirit is the fourth (for those few who do not work). Holidays 2023 in detail:

  • New Year: Sunday, January 1st.
  • Epiphany: Friday, January 6th.
  • Clean Monday: Monday, February 27th.
  • Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos: Saturday, March 25th.
  • Good Friday: 14 April.
  • Great Saturday: 15 April.
  • Easter Sunday: 16 April
  • Easter Monday: 17 April
  • Labor Day: Monday, May 1st.
  • Spirits Day: Monday, June 5th.
  • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin: Tuesday, August 15.
  • OHI Day: Saturday, October 28
  • Christmas: Monday, December 25th.
  • Second Day of Christmas: Tuesday, December 26th.

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