Strike against rising prices ends in riots

On November 9, a mass strike of workers and students took place in the center of Athens, and trade unions GSEE and ADEDY have launched a 24-hour strike against price increases “that are eating into” household and business incomes. The strike ended in riots staged by the anarchists.

The strike rally started at 11:00 am in Klatmonos Square, which was organized by GSEE, ADEDY, POE OTA and other labor unions. At 10:30, a separate meeting of PAME began in the Propylaea, then the participants of the rallies went towards Syntagma Square.

We are on strike because we are tired of their rot and stench! Today we take a deep breath of strength and optimism.

It is noted that public transport is on strike today, as the closure of work at STASY and OSY was declared illegal yesterday, and the unions also announced a 24-hour strike.

A strike march greets LARCO workers demonstrating outside the Treasury Department. LARCO belongs to the workers
not pests.

Students also took part in the protest rally.

Dimitris Koutsoubas: The Greek people will not become an accomplice of the capitalists.
Today’s great nationwide strike sends a signal to all of Greece, all of Europe, that the Greek people, their movement will not become accomplices of the capitalists, will not show any tolerance for the anti-people policies of the rulers, other parties of great capital, energy poverty and politics EUthe rot of this capitalist system”, said the general secretary of the KKE, Dimitris Kitsoumbas.

SYRIZA President Alexis Tsipras is also present at the strike rally in the center of Athens, along with deputies and party officials.

PASOK Chairman Nikos Androulakis is also participating in the procession with members and deputies of the party, while earlier a PASOK delegation gathered in Koray Square.

Photographer Tatiana Bolari writes on her personal Facebook account that “for the first time in many years, the inter-union and POESY are forcing us NOT to cover strike meetings.”

“Honestly, colleagues, I wonder what motivated or agreed to such a decision to NOT show tomorrow’s strike rallies as if they never happened! We fought hard to cover ONLY STRIKE rallies during the strike and ONLY THESE precisely because that we are the eyes of the whole world, and now with our own hands we CLOSE our eyes and pretend that they were not!”she emphasizes.

Rallies and demonstrations ended in riots and arrests. It all started with the fact that “unidentified people” with faces covered with masks began to throw Molotov cocktails at the police detachment of the IAT near the parliament building. In response, MAT fighters used chemicals.

The riots continued on Ermou Street, where “unidentified persons” damaged shops. Why do we write unknowns in quotation marks? Because the inhabitants of the capital of Greece know perfectly well who these unknown people are, who arrange riots, and during breaks they communicate in a friendly way with the police. At the same time, almost always, the detainees are released the very next day, without any restrictions and punishments.

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