Housewife’s basket: food labels are changing

“To the criticism that we are pushing the consumer to buy in large supermarkets with the “home basket”, we respond that the situation in the world is pushing towards more economical options,” said Commerce Minister Sotiris Anagostopoulos.

With the “home basket” competition has intensified significantly, however, as with any new measure, there are points that need to be improved. Most consumers expected the “household basket” to mean price cuts or “good deals” for these products. According to the minister, this has been achieved in some product categories. Some supermarket chains have also reduced the prices of their private label (PL) products.

As the minister notes, “we have identified some problems with the “household basket” in some supermarkets. The products are not so clearly visible (but should be conspicuous). In this regard, instructions will be issued urgently to specialize measures, for example, to there were more signs.

Four of the 13 chains participating in e-katanalotis’ home basket lack all 51 products, Apostolos Rathopoulos, president of Work Consumers of Greece, complained to ERT. According to the decision of the ministry, a fine of 5,000 euros per day is provided for these networks.

“Over the past six months, prices for basic foodstuffs have risen by 40%,” says Mr. Rautopoulos, “for example, one liter of pasteurized milk, which cost 86 cents in April, today costs 1.12 cents in the household basket. And on October 3 , before the conclusion of the contract, the toast bread of the network cost 1.02 euros, and today in the “home basket” – 1.29 euros.

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