Exarchia: "delicious" eateries to match gourmets

Exarchia, one of the most famous districts of the center near Omonia, invites you to “amuse yourself” with culinary delights. There are many small cozy eateries in the area, where you will be offered dishes for every taste.

Traditional and modern taverns, authentic Cretan restaurants as well as establishments with exotic cuisines of the world glorify chefs to the delight of gourmets. Choose the restaurant that suits your tastes and tastes and enjoy delicious and filling food that you will want to try again and again.


Pedestrian street Valteciou, 54 (Βαλτετσίου, No. 54) in Exarchia is famous for the catering establishment “Rosalia”, which has been operating here since 1978 and is a place where locals like to gather. The traditional tavern has its famous patio (with a roof that opens and closes depending on the weather). The waiter will bring you a variety of snacks on a tray so that you can choose the ones you like. Here you will be offered a wide variety of meat and stews.


One of the oldest eateries in the area is located at Em. Benaki, 38 (Εμμανουήλ Μπενάκη No. 38). This is a shop that has been operating here for over 50 years. Delicious ouzo appetizers that will take you to the beautiful island of the Aegean Sea, and even the most ardent fan of modernism will be able to appreciate the atmosphere of cozy antiquity. Courgette meatballs, anchovies salted by the owner, beans and onions, charcoal-grilled octopus and cuttlefish, fresh squid and Mytilene cheese are among the must-try dishes. And if you do not have time, you will do it next time, because once you are here at least once, you will definitely choose Lesvos again and again for its homemade yummy.


Classic cuisine with lots of homemade food (only takeaway or home delivery). The catering establishment Achilleas (Βαλτετσίου, 62) is especially famous for its soups, such as “mother’s chicken noodles”. Well cooked, hot and with just the right amount of lemon… mmm… just lick your fingers!


The Cretan tavern is located at 71 Emmanuel Benaki Street (Εμμανουήλ Μπενάκη, No. 71) in Exarchia. “Ρακουμέλ” is a restaurant serving rakia in a casual and friendly atmosphere. The chef prepares homemade delicacies every day, such as kohli bomburistou (snails), Sfakian honey cake, gamopilafo (pilaf), etc. The hearty dishes go well with Sitia brandy and aromatic herbs from the Cretan land.

Yantes (Γιάντες)

One of the most picturesque courtyards is located in the heart of Athens, more precisely on the pedestrian street Valtetsiou, 44 (Βαλτετσίου No. 44). The dishes on offer here are modern versions of beloved Greek and Mediterranean recipes.

Ama Lahi

One of our favorite spots in the Exarchia region (Μεθώνης 66 & Καλλιδρομίου). In a beautiful neoclassical building on the street. Kallidromiou, formerly the site of Exarchia Primary School, is home to the Ama Lachei Snack Restaurant. Here you will be served delicious traditional mezes from all over Greece. The menu is complemented by a carefully curated list of Greek beers and ouzo.

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