Elliniko: landscaping work in full swing

Lamda Development informs that landscaping works and large-scale tree planting are in full swing in Elliniko.

In collaboration with specialized environmental engineering companies and seedling nurseries, Lamda is creating a space that will temporarily house more than 2,000 trees. Green spaces will be located within the project area, where work has already begun (or is planned soon), and then will be transplanted to the appropriate points in the capital park.

It is noted that the company has already begun landscaping work – 80 trees have been planted and another 100 new ones are planned to be rooted. In total, the territory will be planted with 900 trees, approximately 80,000 ornamental shrubs and Mediterranean species. Plants and soil structure (for lawns) are selected based on the local climate, site conditions, and water retention capacity, as stormwater management is vital to the proper functioning of the urban environment.

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