Did you know that? Products that "do not like" microwave

A microwave oven is a useful and valuable invention that helps housewives cook or heat up any dish as quickly and comfortably as possible. But, as experts warn, still not any. Sometimes using a microwave can be a real threat.

An integral attribute of modern cuisine is not suitable for heating all products. If the operating rules are not followed, the microwave oven is capable of:

  • destroy vitamin C in foods;
  • create a comfortable environment for the formation of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • change dietary fiber;
  • cause an explosion or fire of products and the electrical appliance itself.

What kind of food is strictly not recommended to be heated in a microwave oven? More on this later.

Meat semi-finished products have in their composition a large number of preservatives and chemicals – that is why they retain their attractive presentation for so long. However, it is recommended to defrost them at room temperature – when using a microwave oven, these substances release oxidized cholesterol. It is not desirable for the body, as it can cause coronary heart disease.

If a eggs in shell – raw or cooked – heat in the microwave, they will definitely explode due to rapid heating, as a result of which steam forms under the shell. At some point, the vapor pressure reaches a critical value and … an egg “firework” is obtained. But without a shell – broken into a plate or cup – the eggs quite comfortably tolerate the effects of microwave radiation.

Grape, in general, they usually do not heat up in the microwave. But if such a desire suddenly arises, it is worth bearing in mind that the berries instantly absorb microwaves and enhance their effect. The result is deplorable – an explosion or fire in the furnace.

Choosing heating containers products, carefully inspect the container – if there is a metal border on it. Its properties are approximately the same as those of foil, with all the consequences that follow from this fact. Aluminium foil is actually a metal, so it does not absorb microwaves, but reflects them. As a result, the temperature inside the oven rises and an electric arc is formed, which can cause damage to your favorite appliance.

To meat or fish thawed faster, it is better to use a container of hot water. Experienced housewives make it even easier – in the evening they shift them from the freezer to the refrigerator area. Despite the presence of a defrosting function in the microwave, do not forget about the amount of bacteria found in raw meat. Defrosting in a microwave oven creates ideal conditions for their growth and reproduction.

Experts do not recommend cooking in the microwave beets. The nitrates contained in it acquire carcinogenic properties under the influence of high temperature.

The heating milk and dairy products in the microwave will not bring harm, but … and good too. All useful substances will “evaporate”, the structure of protein compounds will change, and no more than 10% of the vitamins contained in dairy products will remain. To heat milk, it is more useful to use a water bath.

Boiled potatoes it is also not recommended to heat it up in a microwave oven – under the influence of microwaves, the structure of the starch contained in it changes, forming heavy isomers. They are hard to digest by the body and put a lot of stress on the pancreas.

Finished chicken meat has a high concentration of protein, the structure of which changes under the influence of microwaves. As a result of eating such meat, gastric disorders may occur. In this case, a gas or electric stove is more suitable – a chicken dish heated on it will not lose its beneficial properties.

Heating of various types cereals and rice dishes in the microwave will fill the food with carcinogens. When they enter the body, useful components are “stretched” from the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract.

natural honey generally does not like high temperatures; when heated to 40 ° C or more, 80% of its important properties are lost. If you need to melt it, do it in a water bath.

It’s no secret that vegetables lose some of their vitamins during heat treatment. If ready vegetable dish reheat with a microwave oven, then there will be no vitamins left there at all, and it will simply become useless.

Heating mushrooms in the microwave oven is dangerous due to the high protein content in the product. After the primary heat treatment of mushrooms, the protein structure changes. Reheating this product results in a mutated protein that is harmful to the intestines. If you regularly neglect this advice, you can seriously disrupt the work of the stomach.

small pod hot pepper, thoughtlessly placed on a plate with food heated in the microwave, is able to “make trouble.” The composition of the burning fruit contains capsaicin, which, when heated, transforms into an aerosol. That is, as a result, you can get a kind of pepper spray that can burn the skin of the face and hands, warns BB.LV.

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