Government introduces mechanisms for automatic debt collection

Until the end of the month, the automatic debt collection system will “work” in the collection centers in Attica and Thessaloniki.

With the help of a mechanism called “Eispraxis”, the “hunt” for delinquent government debtors is taken to a new level, as it allows you to track the profile of each debtor in real time by downloading all income and property data from a variety of government information systems.

For each VAT number, the collection mechanism will have access to all data received from the information systems of AADE, Taxis, Taxisnet, ICISnet, Elenxis, as well as from third parties (Land Registry, credit institutions, notaries, Stock Exchange, Ergani, GEMI, etc.). d.).

The debtor’s digital file will also list the enforcement measures that can be taken or have already been taken to ensure the collection of the taxpayer’s debt. In addition to the debtor, other parties involved in the debt (co-debtors, guarantors, legal representatives, associates, related groups, and mergers and acquisitions) will be monitored.

The system will mass and automatically generate and send e-mails to the debtor whenever the debt becomes overdue in order to pay it off.

If the deadline passes without any action, the system will start the process of sending an email notification of the imposition arrests in all banksto freeze and seize the amount of debt from the balances in the debtor’s bank accounts.

With the new information system:

  • Debt cases will be classified based on a set of attributes (Debtor’s name, Amount owed, Length of case overdue, Last action date, etc.).
  • Risk analysis criteria will be applied and enforcement actions will be taken based on the debtor’s behavior and notifications and reminders of proposed action.
  • Taxpayers will be informed by letter, e-mail, telephone, or other alternative communication channel of outstanding debt, compliance or non-compliance, and enforcement and notice of enforcement action electronically.
  • The effectiveness of collection measures and the process of classifying debts as bad debts will be monitored.

Elenxis Live App
At the same time, the ElenxisLive application will be activated on a pilot basis, through which AADE auditors will be able to detect and confirm violations in real time, ranging from checking uninsured vehicles by scanning the license plate to online verification of retail receipts.

The system will have full access to the data of taxpayers and will allow real-time notification of the audit results to the auditee.

The aim of these steps is to combat tax evasion by conducting more effective tax audits, multiple cross-checks of taxpayer data and information, and modernizing the debt collection process.

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