Video: “march” of a herd of wild boars in Agios Theodoros – the second appearance in a month

Wild boars walked around the neighborhood of Agia Theodorou in Corinth, and residents from the balcony managed to capture it on camera.

A herd of wild boars appears in this residential area for the second time in a month. Judging by what the camera recorded, a herd of 10 wild boars appeared on the road in this area. Although on the frames of the audio and video recording you can hear a dog barking at them, the wild boars are not at all afraid of her presence and “go about their business” (searching for food waste in the trash), without moving their ears.

According to the same information, the presence of wild boars has become especially intense after large fires that occurred in the mountains of Gerania, in the region of Agios Theodoros, and in Loutraki. Experts are concerned. During the coronavirus pandemic, when hunting for wild boars was banned, they bred en masse. In the forest they do not have enough food, and they moved into the city. Alas, this often leads to accidents, even fatalities.

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