The Greeks were disappointed in the “family basket”

Greeks are largely disappointed with discounts on the “family basket”, it is mocked on social networks, and opposition parties talk about “government self-promotion”.

On the first day of its launch, Wednesday, Greeks rushed to supermarkets or their websites, as well as the government website to check discounts on 51 products and essentials that are included in “family basket”. Most of them were disappointed, as many expected discounts on their favorite food and other products, but did not find them. What they found was a lot of “private label” products, but not their favorite “brand names”.

Complaints also came from chronically ill people, such as people with diabetes or kidney failure, who are on a special diet and did not find the foods they need on the list, broadcaster ERT said.

The Family Basket was initiated by the Department of Development to muffle consumer complaints about the soaring cost of living. One of the 51 items in the basket is Spaghetti No. 6, an all-time Greek classic, which is a main course for lunch or dinner – even a very late dinner – accompanied by meat and tomato sauce and grated cheese.

Social media users complained that the items were the same price as before the cart, while others said that some of the big supermarket chains only included “private label” staples in the cart.

Spaghetti No. 6 under its own brand 500 g for 0.62 cents, and at the same price No. 10 and No. 5.

In contrast, lasagne pasta, the same “private brand”, sells for 0.56 cents.


Users noted that Spaghetti #6 was selling for 0.40 cents a few months ago, 0.46 two months ago, and 0.38 a year ago. Twitter user Hero Grigoraki, who loves statistics, compared the cost of 51 home basket items in 5 major supermarket chains operating in Greece.

Left column: Cart Quantity – Total Cost – Branded Items – % Branded Items – Cost of Essential Items.


Flour – Sugar 1 kg ⇓


Please note that most supermarkets have cheaper products for each item in the consumer basket. So if you’re shopping, make sure the items in your shopping cart are also the cheapest. The fact is that the consumer basket, of course, suggests that the price of 51 goods will not change during the week, that is, until next Wednesday, as provided by the Ministry of Development. Really?


Questions and answers of the Ministry of Development:

  • Prices will be the same in the following days”
  • The goal is for all increases in the “basket” to be smaller.

Not surprisingly, some Greeks forgot their good manners and used vulgar language when commenting on the “family basket” live.

PS I checked my favorite milk (1.5% fat, 1 liter, KNOWNOW, high pasteurization) for s / c. Not surprising! Its price remains at the level of 1.95 euros ( !!! ) because in the s/c basket there is only milk under its own brand at a price of 1.24 euros, which for my taste buds is only suitable for processing into kefir.

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