“Golgotha” search for housing: rent from 1000 euros

The everyday life of a city dweller who has decided to live in the capital has turned into a “calvary”, because due to galloping inflation it has become impossible to find housing for rent at an affordable price.

Prices for basic products, increased energy consumption, and a switch from long-term to short-term rentals (Airbnb) resulted in a 12% increase in rents. For example, small apartments in the center of Athens will cost the tenant from 400 to 500 euros, in the western suburbs from 350 to 450 euros, in the south from 400 to 500 euros and in Piraeus from 300 to 400 euros. To Zografa for a studio of 35 sq. m ask for 450 euros, in Exarchia – 470 euros, and in Neos Cosmos – 500 euros.

Finding a home above 1 floor with 2 bedrooms will cost even more and these apartments are harder to find. In the respective areas, the prices are as follows: Zografou from 430 to 560 euros, Exarchia from 420 to 550 euros and Neos Kosmos from 430 to 650 euros. In terms of contract renewals, real estate consultants report rent increases of over 2%. During this period of time, when the price index is at the level of 10%, inflation will not operate.

“We have been looking for a house for six months and we can’t find anything, except for apartments for 1000 euros and more.” Airbnb house conversions in tourist areas such as Koukaki, Acropolis and areas in the center of Athens such as Kolonaki, Metz, Syngrou Fix, around Syntagma, no registered available apartments of 35 square meters, very few offers in apartments with two bedrooms , where prices “bite”, as they exceed 1000 euros.

“We live in Petralona with my wife and two children. The house is on the 3rd floor with two bedrooms. We give 720 euros. Our contract expires in January and will not be renewed because the owner will move the property to a short-term rental (Airbnb). We have been looking for a house for six months, we can not find anything, except for some apartments with exorbitant amounts, like again in the same area a house with three bedrooms for 1100 euros. It’s not funny, you know. I wonder who at this moment has an extra thousand just for rent, ”says a resident of Petralona.

The same picture is in other regions of Greece. In Thessaloniki, the rent for housing (30-45 sq.m.) starts from 220 euros and goes up to 550 euros. In Patras, prices for apartments up to 25 square meters average between 200 and 300 euros, while apartments with an area of ​​45 square meters reach up to 500 euros. It should be noted that these prices are, firstly, indicative, and secondly, they apply to all types of real estate, ground floor and basement in any condition.

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