Who benefits from the housewife basket

Supermarkets have largely “filled” the consumer basket with private label products as the measure aims to help mostly low-income consumers shop.

A “basket”, designed mainly for citizens with very low incomes, has already formed in most supermarket chains. As expected, it features a wide variety of private label products rather than what the chains themselves consider “premium”. Even where branded products have been chosen, some chains put very small packages in the “basket”, such as instant coffee in a 50g pack (product codes that consumers rarely choose).

This, of course, is largely because supermarket chains, along with the “household basket”, will continue to “launch” programs of offers and promotions, which each of them has already agreed with their suppliers. AB Vassilopoulos takes care of its customers by offering them not only 50 products included in the “housewife’s basket” every day, but also a total of 850 essential items at low prices.

Pitfalls of pricing policy

The total cost of the “baskets” ranges from 129.35 euros to 191 euros, with an average cost of 155 euros. However, this value is derived from the code values ​​and not from the denomination unit.

So, for example, one chain sells rice cheaper than all the others, but this is because it included in the “basket” a package of half a kilo, and not 1 kilogram. For this reason consumers should also check the unit pricewhich is displayed both on supermarket shelves and in “baskets” posted on the e-katanalotis.gov.gr website.

The political leadership of the ministry seems to be satisfied with the implementation of the measure, supermarket chains are waiting to see the effectiveness and especially if the measure will stimulate their sales, which have decreased compared to last year, while consumers expected price reductions, and were probably disappointed . And that’s because most of the products that were included in the “basket” may have had the lowest price in their category, but were available at the same price as on previous days. The only exception is one chain, whose “basket” consisted only of products with a reduced price compared to previous days, regardless of whether they are branded or private label products.

Who benefits from the “housewife’s basket”

“Basket” from the first day of its introduction, as I could see for myself by visiting supermarkets, neutralized the effects of one- and two-month inflation on specific products. For consumers, and even more so for the most for the unprotected, choosing the products of the “basket”, the benefit is great, since the offers are really very good and there is a wide variety of them. Thus, our goal – to save ourselves from the impending inflationary storm – has been achieved. I urge all consumers to use the household basket because the more they choose it, the greater the incentive for supermarkets to include more items at the lowest prices,” Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis told K.

Всего в акции «корзина домохозяйки» участвуют 13 магазинов: «Σκλαβενίτης», «ΑΒ Βασιλόπουλος», Lidl, Μy Market, «Μασούτης», «Γαλαξίας», «Κρητικός», Bazaar, Market In, ΣΥΝΚΑ, «Χαλκιαδάκης», Discount Markt www.e-fresh.gr. In several cases, businesses have chosen to include more codes from each of the 51 categories in the “basket”, reaching even 103 products, as Bazaar did it. It is worth noting that it was this network that differentiated its “basket” depending on the scope of its activities, i.e. it is not the same throughout the country. In particular, at Lidl and Market In supermarkets, the shopping cart mainly consists of private label products. And in the “basket” of the AB supermarket, 69% of products are under their own brand.


  • in Sklavenitis – about 35%.
  • in “Γαλαξίας” – 22%,
  • in “Μασούτης” – 34%,
  • in Μy Market – 23%.

“Our goal in selecting products to include in the household basket was to add value to our customers’ purchases. We have selected products that enjoy their preferences in categories defined by law. In this context, we have chosen mainly branded products with competitive prices compared to original shelf prices. Satisfying our customers’ needs is a priority and their own reactions will determine our future choices,” said Mr. Thrasivoulos Pagoulatos, General Manager Purchasing for METRO (My Market).

Based on the reaction of consumers, Sklavenitis will also decide whether it will update its “basket” in a week.

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