Which supermarkets have the cheapest price for goods from "housewife’s basket"

It has been several hours since the “consumer basket” started, and the interest of consumers in this measure of the government is not weakening.

By logging into e-katanalotis and clicking on the dedicated box for the household basket, consumers can view offers (and prices) at Sklavenitis, AB Vassilopoulos, Discount Markt, LIDL, My Market, Market in, Bazaar, Chalkiadaki, Masoutis supermarkets.

It is interesting to see which of the four major chains (Sklavenitis, My Market, LIDL and AB Vassilopoulos) has the cheapest basket. Knowing that each chain could only freely import 51 main products, and some of them listed the same products but with different codes, it was very interesting to know which supermarket had the cheapest prices for goods from the “housewife’s basket”.


  • AB Vassilopoulos selected 74 products with different codes for the home basket. If the consumer decides to buy all 74 items, he will need 334.17 euros.
  • In turn, My Market chose 52 product codes, while for the purchase of all products someone will need 151.89 euros.
  • LIDL chose a catalog with 134 different product codes for a total of 281.68 euros.
  • Sklavenitis supermarket added 68 different product codes for a total of 280.54 euros.

Logically, in My Market cheapest cartand at AB Vassilopoulos is the most expensivehowever, with a significant difference that the first chain chose 52 items for its basket, and the second – 74 items.

The government has been promoting the consumer basket for several weeks, knowing, however, that it is used to contain prices, not to reduce them. Minister Adonis Georgiadis has already taken and walked around all the major supermarkets to see with his own eyes how the government’s measure works in “reality”.

At the same time, Dnews found in its report that the prices of many products have increased strongly since the previous week. These are products not included in the basket, and their increase has increased exorbitantly (for many products, the excess was 0.10 euro cents per week).

In fact, many consumers complain that although the package says how many scoops it contains, when using detergent, it turns out that there are fewer in the package. “They are deceiving us, and no one is checking! I bought a cleanser last week. I opened the pack and noticed that almost half was empty! Every month we go to the supermarket and for the same products that we buy, we pay more and more money. Now introduced the concept of “basket housewives.” Who cares?! This is just a mockery,” said a customer in a supermarket, who answered questions from journalists who stopped her.

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