"Smile, you’re being filmed"… (video)

Eighty-year-old parrot Mike lives in Crete, loves tzatziki and does not like people in black clothes.

In fact, his age is even more “respectful” – he is 88 years old, of which he lived with Stefanos Dimelas for 22 years. They are reverent and tender towards each other – Mike did not hesitate to kiss the owner right in front of the camera, taking part in the Kalo Mesimeri show. And then he ate his favorite tzatziki. Stefanos Dimelas lovingly says: “First he tastes and then he eats, he is very smart […]. When the cars are blocked, he plays the traffic controller, when we watch football, he plays the referee. He does not like black clothes, if he sees a priest, he begins to swear.

However, according to newsbeast.gr, Better to see once than hear a hundred times. Meet Mike.

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