Greeks are less likely to adopt children

According to ΕΛΣΤΑΤthere were 184 adoptions in the country last year, down 15.2% from 217 in 2020.

According to the information provided, the number of adoptions of girls reached 101, and adoptions of boys – 83, indicating a decrease of 5.6% and 24.5%, respectively. Adoptive parents are mostly married couples, husband and wife. In this category, there was an increase in adoptions by 1.6%, while a significant decrease was observed in adoptions by a stepfather representing an incomplete family (54.5%).

As for the legal status of the biological parents of adopted children, the most numerous category is children born out of wedlock. When comparing these data between 2020 and 2021, there is a significant increase in adoptions by 69.4% in the category of children born in wedlock.

Finally, with regard to the age of the adoptees, the majority (56%) of adoptions involved children in the 0-5 age group. In general, there was a decrease in the number of adoptions in all age groups of those adopted, except for the age group of 6-10 years, in which there was an increase of 36.4%.

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