Drawings of a 4-year-old kid helped to detain a pedophile

Yesterday morning, a 28-year-old resident of Agrinia came to the military investigator. He is accused of indecent acts towards a 4-year-old boy.

As writes CNN Greece, his photo and details of the case were made public on October 18 by decision of the Military Court of Ioannina. According to the post ΕΛ.ΑΣ., this is CRAVARITIS Dimitrios, born on 07/01/1994.

The incident took place last summer when the man served in the army, so the military prosecutor’s office, which received materials from Agrinia, is dealing with the case. The story was released by Sophia Bekatorou during a briefing on the cases registered on the European Network Against Violence platform and is included among 200 more testimonies of violence. Ms. Bekatorou wrote in her Instagram post:

“A case that shocked us all and put us on the path to justice. His (the perpetrator’s) face is being made public today to protect new victims and to enable anyone who knows or suspects the defendants’ similar crimes to report them. The creation of a list of rapists, to which, under certain conditions, victims will have access, seems necessary for their proper protection.”

The drawings of a 4-year-old victim helped solve the heinous crime. The kid could not describe the experienced nightmare in words and did it this way. At some point, the parents noticed changes in their son’s behavior and drew attention to strange drawings. They turned to a child psychologist who identified the disorder and was able to “decipher” the images presented by the child’s father.

The first drawing resembled a black cloud, which, according to the expert, betrayed the “blackness” in the child’s soul, his hopelessness and torment, nightmare and despair. On the second, a 4-year-old boy drew a male genital organ. When asked by a psychologist, the child replied that it belonged to Dimitris Kravaritis. After describing the man, the kid told his father and the psychologist how the pedophile tortured him. As it turned out, this is the son of a nanny working in the family.

The father of a small child reported the 52-year-old woman, the baby’s nanny, and her son to the Agrini security subdivision, saying that they had abused the child. A pedophile, a football player of the 3rd national team, is accused of sexually assaulting a 4-year-old boy. Agrinio’s prosecutor’s office ordered an investigation. The case of Dimitris Kravaritis was considered by a military court, since the described happened while he was serving his term in the army.

The accused allegedly came to the family’s house when the parents were absent and committed his depraved acts, and, presumably, his mother knew about what was happening. The offender was prosecuted for the crime of repeatedly committing sexual acts with a person under the age of twelve.

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Having published the photo and data of the offender, the authorities are asking citizens to contact the Agrini Security Subdirectorate by phone on 2641022520, 2641030168 and 2641030173 to provide any relevant information – anonymity and confidentiality of communication is guaranteed. This publication is designed for a period of six months, until 04/17/2023, in accordance with the decision of the prosecutor’s office. After the expiration of the six-month period, it is not permitted and against the law to save and / or reproduce the disclosure of the above information, warns CNN Greece about the observance of the law.

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