scenes "wild west" in Aspropyrgos: Roma opened fire on a bus

Scenes from a Hollywood action movie about the “Wild West” played out yesterday in Aspropyrgos, when three gypsies opened fire with firearms and pneumatic weapons at the bus, and the driver escaped injury by sheer luck.

The incident occurred on Sunday evening (30.10) when the OSY bus, route 866, following the route Aspropyrgos-Agia Marina, was fired upon while driving along Dimokratias Avenue. In particular, a car with three people drove up to the bus, after which one of the three shooters opened fire with a pistol, shooting through the glass from the driver’s side.

The bus stopped and the driver called the police. Law enforcement officers of Aspropyrgos carried out search activities and found the criminals.

The police put handcuffs on three people: 28-year-old, 25-year-old and 16-year-old residents of a nearby camp. The juvenile was found to have: an air pistol, gas canisters, a package of metal balls and a folding knife.

The bus driver has filed a complaint with the authorities, and the detainees will be taken to the prosecutor’s office.

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