Brutal dog attack on teenager in Lagonisi

A 14-year-old teenager who was walking to school on Thursday was attacked by a dog. He was taken to the hospital with deep wounds. The owner is correct.

The dog rushed at the child from behind and, knocking him down, began to bite his head, face and neck. The boy screamed in horror and tried to defend himself with his hand, on which there were deep wounds from the bites of an aggressive animal.

The owner of a nearby kindergarten came running to help. He and two other men immobilized the dog, the child was taken to the Kalivia Health Center. Due to serious injuries, he was transferred to the Children’s Hospital.

The boy’s mother sued the owner of the dog. He visited the victim in the hospital and tried to justify himself by saying that “someone left the door open and the dog came out of the house,” writes The mother of the injured teenager says:

“The dog was not homeless, it ran away from the house, the owner of which came to the hospital and told me that “someone left the door open”. I explained to him that “what you tell me does not tell me anything. If she killed my child, would you say to me: “Excuse me, did someone leave the door of the house open?”. How we get past this house, you can’t imagine. The case will follow the path of justice. It’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the owner’s fault. It’s not the fault of the animals, it’s just that their owner taught them. I didn’t know him, I met him on Thursday. I filed a claim. The son is all in stitches. Yesterday at the parade I wanted to take something from the car and was afraid to go, because there was a dog nearby. It’s not the easiest thing to be attacked by a dog.”

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