Airbnb: what areas of Athens did not like foreigners

Airbnb short-term rentals in Athens have a reasonably high rating of 4.73/5 out of 537,000 reviews as of September 2022, with some areas performing significantly better than others.

According to the Tourix study, visitors who place a high value on reviews gave higher ratings to properties in the Poligono area (4.91), the 1st Cemetery of Athens area (4.85), as well as in Ellinoroson (Ελληνορώσων) and Zappeion ( 4.83). Then follow the areas of Kolokinthos and Votanikos (4.8), Koukaki-Makrygianni (4.79) and finally Pagrati, Acropolis and Kolonaki (4.78).

On the contrary, the worst reviews were given to housing in the areas of Agios Eleftherios (4.54), Patissia (4.55), Rizoupoli and Attiki Square (4.58). Slightly higher ratings are given to housing in the area of ​​Probonas and Platia America (4.59), Pedion Areos (4.6), Guva and Kypseli (4.65), Ilisia (4.67).

Of course, location plays an important role in the rankings, as the indicator varies significantly depending on this subcategory. Judging solely by location, Kolonaki receives the most reviews with 4.92, while Koukaki-Makrygianni, Rigillis, Thiseos and Acropoli receive 4.91. They are followed by Zappillon with 4.89 and Ellinoroson with 4.87. Stadio, Ilisia, Gazi, Pentagon, Petralona, ​​Lycabettus and Pagkrati received the lowest scores due to location.

Communication with clients

In general, the average rating increases due to quality of communication between users and hosts: this category scores 4.85/5 in Athens. This is supported by other research results, which show that the majority of hosts respond within the first hour after a user sends a message about a property they manage (77% of hosts). Also 11% host within a few hours, 7% on the same day and 5% within a few days.

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