What did the inhabitants of Greece save on?

According to a study by Focus Bari, lack of income and financial instability are forcing Greeks to cut spending, including on food.

According to a sociological survey conducted by Focus Bari, 97% of Greeks at least once tried to save on something from 19 to 26 September.

This study is particularly revealing. The experts analyzed the data and made the following conclusions:

  • The vast majority of Greeks believe that, apart from the prices of fuel, oil and goods in supermarkets, the prices of almost all goods and services have risen.
  • Currently, 97%, practically all Greeks, have significantly reduced their spending and savings in general.
  • Greeks are choosing more economical ways to have fun, take fewer trips and vacations, and have reduced their consumption (shopping and services).
  • Consumers chase offers, promotions and discounts in stores, consider many different options before making a purchase, and buy the essentials by prioritizing.
  • 60% of Greeks have now cut their spending because their income is not enough, and 40% are saving as a precaution because they fear “the worst is yet to come.”



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