Three of the most beautiful driving routes in Greece

Greece has natural treasures of intoxicating beauty that beckon us to get in the car and discover them for ourselves.

A great opportunity to escape from the routine of everyday life for residents of noisy megacities is three days of holidays on October 28th. The trend towards “escape from the clutches of civilization” is experienced by nature lovers and motorists who are looking for a special driving experience, staying outside the city and exploring the mountain serpentines.

Baru pass

The Baru Pass (Ο Αυχένας του Μπάρου), located on the south side of Pindos and is one of the three passes of the mountain range, occupies a well-deserved place in the list of the most beautiful mountain routes. The road connects Anthousa and Haliki (Thessaly) with Kalarrites and Matsuki (Epirus), while at certain points the driver is almost “in the clouds”, given that the altitude reaches 1900 meters above sea level. The road snakes through gorges, dense forests and steep slopes. Behind every turn you will see a unique panorama that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Old National Road E82

The old national highway in the Peloponnese, which starts from Pylos and ends in Sparta, crossing Kalamata, is also endowed with endless beauty. Its length is 110 km. The part that will enchant the traveler is between Kalamata and Sparta. Impressive changes in the landscape and beauty of Taygetos will appear in all their glory for those who visit this place. This 60 km long route is characterized by many successive turns, as well as a large difference in altitude from start to finish, with the highest point being the Lagadia mountain pass at 1350 m. after which a panorama of the Messinian Gulf opens.

Kyparissi Laconia

Kyparissi from Laconia also claims the honorary title of “the most beautiful route in Greece”, because in order to get closer to the final point of the route, one has to go through an experience that can only be compared with a tour of the famous Corsica.

Kyparissi Laconia is located about 4 hours from Athens and specifically on the east coast of the Peloponnese. The road between Kyparissi, Harakas and Agios Dimitrios, carved among steep cliffs, enchants travelers. The view of the endless blue of the Myrtoos Sea (Μυρτώου πελάγους) will not leave anyone indifferent.

In some places the road is so narrow that two cars can hardly pass. At the same time, there are often moments when the sun completely hides behind a huge mountain range and rocks that rise menacingly above the traveler’s head. “Flirting” with the steep slopes of Parnon lasts over an hour, offering the traveler a unique driving experience.

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