Youth housing: subsidies up to 75% for energy upgrades and home renovations

Guidelines for the Save-Renew Youth Public Housing Program for young people aged 18-39 have been published.

According to the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the aim of the program is to provide a solution to the big problem faced by young people and young couples – to acquire housing in order to provide a higher quality of life and low heating and air conditioning costs. As stated in the related preliminary publication, the program provides subsidies of up to 75% for energy and home renovations.


For the Energy Efficiency part of the programme, the total budget is 200 million euros. For Renovate, the total budget is 50 million euros for part of the grants and 100 million euros for a low interest loan. The event is funded by the Recovery and Resilience Fund, the National Public Investment Program until 2023 and the State Employment Service. The distribution of resources will be carried out at the regional level.

See the complete guide here“Save – Renew” for Youth

income criteria

In addition to the income criterion, in order to qualify for the “Renovate” program, the total value of the applicant’s real estate must not exceed the amount of 300,000 euros, according to the property data declaration (E9).

Eligible Accommodations

It is emphasized that single-family houses and separate apartments used as the main place of residence are allowed to participate in the program, while applications related to the energy modernization / reconstruction of an apartment building are not accepted.

In order to be considered eligible, housing must meet the following general conditions:

  • It must be legal and valid.
  • It must be in good condition.
  • It should be used as the main residence.
  • According to the first Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), it must have a category lower than or equal to “C”.

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