To Ukraine for… shopping

In Ukraine, which has been at war for 8 months, prices, as usual, have increased significantly. And yet they are much more “loyal” than in neighboring Romania, whose citizens go to Ukraine for shopping.

Romanians from the border areas with Ukraine have been visiting Chernivtsi for many years in order to purchase cheaper products. And even now, hundreds of Romanians regularly cross the border with Ukraine – after all, even bread is much cheaper there. In October, about 3 thousand people passed through the border checkpoint in the Romanian Siret every day, several hundred of them were Romanians.

People buy flour, sugar, oil, detergents, washing powder in Ukraine, which are cheaper there than in Romania. They say that the cost of some everyday goods and products is about 30-40% lower than in Romania. And a man named Vasile Tsikal says that there are no shellings in Chernivtsi, for this reason he is going to be treated by a dentist in Ukraine. In Romania, he would not have been able to afford it. This is already his fourth visit to the dentist in Chernivtsi: “Here, in Romania, the dentist asked for 2500-3000 euros for the treatment of my teeth, and there it costs 1000 euros. Do you understand?”

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