Taught a traitor a lesson: now he will have 25 operations

The sister of the 36-year-old wife who suffered from jealousy says that the perpetrator was “obsessed and crazy.”

A man who was splashed in the face by a jealous woman with a caustic liquid (not acid, but probably bleach) was seriously injured. He is expected to have at least 25 surgeries. His sister is in constant contact with both the doctors treating the victim of the caustic attack in Heraklion and the lawyers representing her family.

In an interview with the Ant1 channel, she said that her brother would have to undergo repeated operations to save his eye. The inadequate woman who doused her brother with a caustic liquid did not do it in a fit of anger, but organized and carefully thought out the attack, knowing that the “attack” would destroy the life of a young man. “We came to the first operation at 07:00 in the morning and left at 18:30 in the afternoon. His cornea was burnt, and the doctor said he needed a transplant. My brother has injuries to his face, neck and back, ”the victim’s sister explained, stressing that the next operation will take place in 12 days.

“Imagine that he will have 25 operations! What this woman did is a crime. She threw a strange jar at him. The police showed me both the can and the bottles that she used and that she (allegedly) bought online.” The victim’s sister claims that the jealous woman “mixed the caustic liquid with pool cleaning liquid (bleach).”

As to the motive for the crime, the young man’s sister says that “she was very jealous. She is obsessed with “myths” (believes that he cheated on her), dangerous, obsessed and inadequate.

“The local community in Crete knows who this woman is because she has done similar things in the past,” say Greek SMIM. She is reportedly detained and charged (which she vehemently denies). The police will have to figure out this complicated story.

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