Former King Constantine in a wheelchair in the center of Athens

Former King Constantine made a rare trip from his home in Porto Heli and found himself in the center of Athens along with members of his family. The camera captured their exit from the famous restaurant where they had lunch.

The former king of Greece was in a wheelchair, with nasal catheters needed for oxygen therapy, talking to his family. It is noted that after the transfer January 2022 coronavirus he began to have serious health problems, so he has to appear in public in a wheelchair.

The son of the King of Greece, Paul I and Frederica of Hanover, the former King of Greece in 1964-1973, Constantine II comes from the Glücksburg dynasty and the Romanov dynasty. The last reigning Orthodox monarch in history. As a descendant of the Danish King Christian IX, he also holds the title of Prince of Denmark.

Coronation of Constantine II, September 18, 1964

He graduated from the aristocratic college of Anavrita and the Faculty of Law of the University of Athens. In 1956-1958 he continued his education in the military schools of Greece, in 1958-1959 – in the USA. He ascended the throne after the death of his father Paul I on March 6, 1964.

Unlike his father, he coped unsuccessfully with his political functions, with him there were several government crises. He advocated expanding the prerogatives of the king, which led to a conflict with Prime Minister G. Papandreou.

In 1967, “black colonels” came to power. In December of the same year, Constantine made an attempt to oppose them and on December 13 called on the people to rise by radio. After the failure of the uprising, he left the country and lived in Rome.

In 1973, following a referendum, the monarchy in Greece was abolished by the “colonels” and a republic was proclaimed. However, the vote took place under a dictatorial regime and could not be considered free. Therefore, after the overthrow of the dictatorship in 1974, the democratic government held a second referendum in December of that year, which confirmed the will of the people not to restore the monarchy.

Constantine, who left the country, does not recognize this referendum either, and never formally abdicated, but since that time the Glücksburg monarchy has ceased to exist, and the Hellenic Republic has been established.

In Greece, he is called “the former king” (Greek ο τέως βασιλιάς), he is not forbidden to enter the country.

King Constantine II of Greece hospitalized with Covid-19

Photo 2012.

In the 1990-2000s, he repeatedly applied to the European Court of Human Rights with a claim against the Greek government regarding confiscated property. However, in November 2000, the court ruled not in favor of the former king, only part of the property of the royal family was returned to him.

Photo 2014

In recent years, he lives in the small town of Porto Heli in southern Greece …

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