Rally of students, teachers and parents in the center of Athens

Students, teachers and parents of students held a large-scale protest in the Propylaea on the afternoon of October 24.

Their requirements are mainly that:

  1. Revise the provisions of the “Subject Bank” (Τράπεζα θεμάτων στην Γ’ λυκείου)* for the graduating class of the lyceum.
  2. Make additional education free (ενισχυτική διδασκαλία),
  3. Reduce prices in school canteens.

A similar protest will take place in Thessaloniki.

**The task of the subject bank is to be a digital repository of educational material, including subjects for all grades of the lyceum. Through it, in the new 2022-23 school year, graduation and examinations will be conducted for students enrolled in all three grades of all types of secondary schools.

“We don’t adapt, we fight for the right to get an education.” This is the central slogan of the student rally in Athens, to which representatives of general educational associations reached: Turkology (φοιτητικοί σύλλογοι τουρκικών σπουδών), sociology, dentistry, computer science, πτδε, τεαπη εκπα, geodesis, σετ καιι σ Ares. Student housing, dormitory – σύλλογοι οικοτρόφων νέων φοιτητικών εστιών εμπ, as well as φοιτητικής αθηνών και εστίας πανεπας αμίουθουθουθουθουθουθnder.

Other student demands: the issuance of financial assistance by the government – a monthly allowance for housing in the amount of 300 euros, an increase in the competence of the teaching staff (within their academic degree) and the immediate abolition of the university police.

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