Mass invasion of illegal immigrants in Greece “together” with dozens of MIT agents

Dozens and hundreds of illegal immigrants invade Greece every day, and “together” with them, Turkish MIT agents and ISIS militants enter the country.

The Turks, along with illegal immigrants, are daily dropping MIT agents into Greece to set up organized spy networks in sensitive areas. Of course, at the same time, Turkish agents pretend to be… illegal immigrants.

Here we should also mention the entry into Greece of persons who pose a danger to the state, who in the past (they say that there are no former terrorists) were ISIS and Al-Qaeda fighters or Turkish fighters who have a Syrian passport, that is, they have Syrian citizenship, but TURKISH national consciousness. This means that they can be used in various ways in the event of a military conflict between countries.

Since mid-summer, Turkish agents have been flooding Thrace, with the Turkish consulate in Komotini as their focal point, taking advantage of illegal migration flows or issuing “tourist visas”. In their “work” on Greek territory, they are assisted either by Albanians and Kosovars, or by Muslims from among illegal immigrants who entered Greece and now have a temporary residence permit.

According to the Thracian News Agency, more than 100 people entered both from Evros, on simple tourist visas, and through Bulgaria, from the border station of Agios Konstantinos and, of course, through the alleged “hordes” of illegal immigrants who continue to pass through special passages on Evros.

The case of an alleged Turkish army officer who posed as the head of a group of illegal immigrants on the island of Evros was reported from the rostrum of parliament by an independent MP from Athens and president of the Patrida party Konstantinos Bogdanos. In particular, he said, showing the relevant photographs: “Do you recognize this woman? As we read, she played the role of the head of illegal immigrants who, under pressure from alleged humanitarians and supposedly “Turkish insiders”, were admitted to Greece. She was transferred to a medical institution, and with she has been missing ever since. Sorry, we lost the alleged Turkish agent, no explanation was given, and the minister in charge is still there? Doesn’t he even have the decency to resign? Isn’t he ashamed?”

Until now, there has been no reaction from the government to this statement, and it is not known whether it will be at all. Wherein ΕΣΚΕΕΣ (National Coordinating Center for Border Control and Surveillance) published data for the period from 5 to 18 October on the illegal entry of foreigners into Greece ONLY from the islands. In 14 days, 572 foreigners entered the country through supposedly secure maritime borders. It is noted that from Evros, i.e. from the land border, between 250 and 300 illegal immigrants continue to enter the country every day. This means that in fact an entire village continues to enter Greece every day.

Recall that Turkey has again launched an organized effort to succeed in infiltrating thousands of illegal immigrants into Greece. About a thousand daily try, accompanied by the Turkish military police, to cross the Evros and enter Greek territory. This pressure has gradually increased over the past month, the Greek police said, and revealed a new plan by the Turkish side to place illegal migrants along the banks of the Evros River in order to force them into Greece at any opportunity.

Along its own border with Evros, the Turkish side hosts illegal immigrants in abandoned buildings, farmhouses, stables and pigsties. From time to time and occasionally they are provided with basic food, clothing and bedding. During the day, trucks suddenly appear, in which they put migrants, take them to the river and force them to cross to the opposite bank, into Greek territory.

At the same time, it creates the feeling that Megaro Maximo does not give a damn about this. After all, making loud statements in the direction of Turkey is much easier than stopping the influx of illegal immigrants into the country.

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