Dmitry Medvedev – Elon Musk: “See you in Moscow, on Victory Day in May”

Medvedev told Elon Musk that they would meet in Moscow on “Victory Day”. Judging by this statement, Russian leaders assume that the war in Ukraine will be victoriously concluded for Russia by May.

It all started with a scathing post by the former Russian president and current deputy chairman of the Russian National Security Council, who, speaking of the dismissal of Liz Truss as British Prime Minister, said: “Bye-bye, Liz Truss, my congratulations to the lettuce” (“Bye, bye @trussliz, congrats to lettuce”).

In Russia, they made no secret of their satisfaction at the dismissal of Liz Truss, considering her not just incompetent, but completely unqualified for such a position.

Billionaire Elon Musk immediately reacted: “Good trolling, but what’s going on in Bakhmut?”, only to get an answer from N. Medvedev: “See you in Moscow on Victory Day!”

In Russia, they are pleased with the developments on the battlefields in the past few days and believe that winter will also help them a lot, since economically Western countries are expected to be hit hard by energy shortages and inflation. They believe that by May the result will be victorious for them, while the countries EU will suffer very great economic damage, which will have an impact on a number of European governments that are currently pursuing a hostile policy towards Moscow.

Thursday 20 October Liz Truss stated about leaving the post of Prime Minister and head of the Conservative Party of Britain. Reporting on the decision, she admitted that she could not cope with her duties. The head of government mentioned that she will continue to fulfill the duties of the prime minister until a successor to this position is named. According to her, the elections will be held next week.

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