March 24, 2023

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Witnesses in the case of the rape of a 12-year-old girl: "The authorities are engaged in hiding and destroying information about pedophiles"

“Certain individuals with special skills and equipment are destroying and altering evidence and organizing a cover-up operation,” according to multiple witnesses in the pedophile crime ring set up by New Democracy leader Elias Mihos.

After all, how else to explain the fact that folk songs were “found” in the memory card of the self-proclaimed “president” of the trade union of prostitutes of Greece Konstantin Karatsioti instead of the former videos and photographs and names. According to these people, “we are not dealing with a simple group of pedophiles, but with members of a criminal organization for human trafficking and child prostitution, which is “protected” by government services”.

It should be said that four days ago, police raided a brothel owned by Karatsioti in Gazi, where Mihos allegedly raped a 12-year-old girl and even arrested four foreign women. Indeed, why was this raid carried out? We hope not because there could have been more sticks with compromising information!

What happened? Recall that after the arrest of Ilias Mihos, Konstantin Karatsioti stated in front of television cameras that the 53-year-old man was selling the girl to “famous clients, actors, artists and politicians.” She even stated that she wrote everything down on a flash drive, which she handed over to the police. According to her, he “also brought other children and several gypsies from Kolonos. Yesterday, when I saw his photo, I recognized him. I have a camera and a projector on the stick (USB), you will see and understand everything. depicted face to face. But, as it turned out as a result of the analysis of the USB flash drive, the officers found folk songs on it.

Shortly after Konstantina Karatsioti’s statements, Elli Kanellopoulou, president of the Association of Published Persons of Greece (SEPE), issued a rebuttal to her words. “We have nothing to do with this, we do not place underage boys or underage girls in our homes,” she said of Karatsioti’s complaints, adding:

“If it’s even possible! If it’s even possible. We have nothing to do with it. If people – not to mention Ms. Karatziotis – know about such a serious misconduct that involves children, they should go and report it to the police.Those involved in the rape should go to Tartarus.

“I have been a union representative since 1999, and this one (Ms. Karadzhioti) has never been a member. She was wrong to say that, she should not have linked brothels that operate legally with such a serious complaint regarding the rape of a minor. Rape is one thing, but consensual sexual intercourse is quite another,” said Ms Kanellopulu.

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