Early payment of October OPECA benefits

On Thursday, October 27, the October OPEKA allowances will be credited in the evening.

According to available information, benefits will be accrued before the October 28 holiday and their issuance will be completed by Monday, October 31, 2022. In particular, the following will be paid:

  • Housing allowance: beneficiaries – 273,264 people.
  • Minimum guaranteed income (KEA / EEE): beneficiaries – 24,486 people.
  • Disability benefits: recipients – 173,532 people.
  • Housing subsidy: beneficiaries – 793 people.
  • Expatriate allowance: beneficiaries – 6045 people.
  • Benefit for uninsured pensioners (law 1296/1982): beneficiaries – 17,291 people.
  • Social allowance for the elderly: beneficiaries – 17,752 people.
  • Funeral expenses for the uninsured: beneficiaries – 132 people.
  • Childbirth allowance (Επίδομα Γέννησης): beneficiaries 11,412 people.

At the same time, OPECA opened and operates the A21 (Child Benefit) electronic platform so that beneficiaries who have not yet applied for 2022 can apply and begin the process of paying the 5th installment. Interested parties can apply on the IDIKA platform idika.gr or through the website www.opeka.gr using the recipient’s personal TAXISnet access codes.

The A21 e-filing platform allows through extensive electronic cross-checks with available databases of other organizations and services to verify the accuracy and correctness of the declared data and information at the application stage. To benefit has been granted, the application must be finalized and approved. note that a temporarily saved application is considered not submitted and will not be taken into account.

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